This morning the second part of this school year started, but luckily I missed the first lesson because I had to go to hospital because of my arm. I talked to my doctor and he said I could go to a fintness studio but my maths teacher goes to the fitness studio I'd like to go and i really don't want to meet her there. Beyond that My sister and I were on skiing holidays altough I am not allowed to go skiing and there in my aunts hotel I met Vanessa. She is 23 years old or anything like this. She was really nice and since then I kinda stalk her, I think she has a relationship with Dominik one of the employers there. We are friends on facebook and she always comments everything, she told me she still lives at home and her mom is her best friend, shehas three silblings and her parents are not married anymore. Ja i gonna watch tv now...

9.2.15 19:57


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