33 days left till christmas and 11 days left until my arm is free again! Because of my broken arm i don‘t have to do the sports activities in school so i had the chance to sleep longer today but i'm sleeping in our living room on our sofa since a few weeks so my parents woke me up at half past seven... But i am sick so i sadly can't go to school today this means leeping half the day and studying the other half of the day,... My mum is sitting next to me so i won't finish my entry now...

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Today i created this because i saw akward and she was also writting a blog so i thought why not me?! I hope nobody is ever going to read this... I just came home from the youki video festival and i went there with my friends and my ex german teacher, so yes this is a bit weird but anyway it was great fun and i just broke my arm three weeks ago and i also got an op... I am going to write again tomorrow because i am watching himym now :-)

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